They make me feel special and loved.

In December 1999 I was diagnosed with colon rectal cancer. After the surgery, my doctor recommended that I get help from Cancer Action for nutrition, wigs and other supplies. It really helped my family budget.

In the beginning the support groups were helpful. Today, my family and church’s support have been so strong, but I know that Cancer Action is always there if I need them. I still visit them every month for the supplies I need.

Cancer Action really has impacted me. It's all the love you get there…the positive attitude, the whole atmosphere. Everyone is so special.

But nothing can beat the gift they gave me a year and a half after my surgery. I needed to go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to see if my colostomy could be reversed. The Mayo Clinic was one of the only places in the country that offered an advanced procedure.

But because we did not have the finances we knew we wouldn’t be able to make such an expensive trip. Then Cancer Action stepped in and made it all possible. They set up all the arrangements through Angel Flights for a corporate jet to take my husband and me to the Mayo Clinic. It didn’t cost us anything!

Cancer Action is a '10'. It’s all good, all beneficial! For you, your family…everyone benefits!

- MERRILLE HARRISON, wife, mother, grandmother, nutrition consultant