Cancer Action staff is in my corner and they let me know it in a million ways.

In 2003 I was feeling chest pain. Finally, after a negative mammogram and a negative needle biopsy, it took surgery to reveal that I had Stage III breast cancer.

With no insurance and no funds, I had nothing behind me. Just me. I wanted emotional support and I wanted to find others who were going down this road. I found what I was looking for in Cancer Action.

They helped me right away. They gave me educational materials. They helped me understand my choices. They helped me with nutrition. They gave me wigs, hats and turbans and said, ĎTake them home. See if you like them.í And the hand-made, knitted slippers were such a comfort.

If all that wasnít enough, I signed up for a biofeedback class. It helped me with pain and nausea. It was truly awesome and cost nothing.

Family and friends mean well, but sometimes their fear gets in the way.
Cancer Action became my source for conversation. If I hit a rough spot I can pick up the phone and talk to someone. It might just be a three-minute conversation but I realize that Iím not alone and Iím fine.

And they can help you make major decisions, too. When I was facing the dilemma of removing my second breast, I was too emotionally involved to decide alone. I wanted to run all the pros and cons by Kyla, my advisor at Cancer Action. By the time we were through I had made my decision. Her help was invaluable.

Now itís about me helping other Cancer Acton clients. I will have a relationship with Cancer Action for years to come. If thereís a need I can help with, they can count on me.

- SANDRA MACY, real estate executive