Someone told me to go to Cancer Action, you’re in for a surprise. They were right.

I am going through treatment right now. After my diagnosis, I wanted to find someone who knew about my rare form of cancer. I wanted help making decisions. Then someone recommended Cancer Action.

At Cancer Action the people understood me. I wasn’t treated like a number. They looked at me in the eye and said, “Let me help you.” You feel safe within that realm.

A wonderful staff person, Jennifer, has really helped me. She is such a compassionate person and a great listener. She helps me to know what to expect. She calls me three times a week.

There is something about her. She knows different cancers and my rare kind. She even put me in touch with a woman who was dealing with the same type of cancer.

Now Cancer Action is helping me to facilitate my journey through a support group. It gives me so much strength and hope. They give me the fight I need.

My family is not educated about my cancer. Everything I expressed about cancer they didn’t understand. But my Cancer Action support group is a magical group. People understand what you’re taking about…the different drugs, the treatments…they just know. It’s so inspirational and positive. I feel very good when I leave.

There are so many Cancer Action services I have not used yet, like a class for my children. I can’t wait to sign up for the movement classes.

- CINDY SAITO, mother, wife, Creative Image Cataloger