Planned giving is an opportunity for our community to help Cancer Action continue to provide high quality, compassionate care to the many lives touched by cancer in Kansas City. Your help with a planned gift of stock, wills, trusts, insurance, annuities or other estate plans will help lift the hearts of thousands in the years ahead.

Sometimes significant and meaningful gifts to Cancer Action go unrecognized because they come at the end of the donor's life. Cancer Action would like to recognize these significant and meaningful planned gifts during the donor's life time through our legacy society.

Cancer Action collaborates with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation in providing education and guidance to those who are interested in learning more about leaving a legacy with Cancer Action.

For more information on the legacy society or a planned gift to Cancer Action, please contact Karla Nichols, Executive Director, at

A bequest in your will is a great way to designate specific assets to benefit Cancer Actionís mission. In addition to being an important legacy, a bequest offers generous tax advantages. Besides cash gifts, you may also bequeath stocks, bonds and other property.

A charitable Remainder Trust is a valuable gift to Cancer Action that ensures financial security for you or a loved one, and earns immediate tax deductions. Income is paid for a lifetime or specified term, either as a fixed annual sum (an Annuity Trust), or as a percentage of the trustís annual fair market value (a Unitrust). When the trust terminates, the assets will benefit those who Cancer Action serves.

Through a Charitable Lead Trust, you may temporarily assign the income from designated assets to benefit Cancer Action. You earn charitable tax deductions for the income Cancer Action receives during the trustís term. When the trust terminates, the assets return to your control, and their income is taxable once again.

Gift Annuities
Make an annuity gift now and receive a lifetime income for yourself, a spouse or anyone else you designate in exchange for a gift of cash, stock or securities. Upon your death, the gift remainder supports Cancer Action.

Appreciated Stock
A gift of appreciated stock (held more than one year) makes an excellent donation. It is deductible at its fair market value, and you avoid all capital gains taxes on the increase in value while receiving a charitable tax deduction.

A gift from a retirement or pension plan is another way to assist Cancer Action. Funds beyond the comfortable support of yourself or loved ones may be given to Cancer Action.

Life Insurance
Insurance is another simple way to make a substantial future gift. Naming Cancer Action as the beneficiary to receive all or part of the proceeds of an existing life insurance policy entitles you to a charitable deduction from estate taxes at your death. You may also want to take out a new policy with the Cancer Action Endowment listed as beneficiary or co-beneficiary.

To finalize your gift, please consult your attorney, accountant or other professionals you trust for advice on estate and tax planning.