If you are interested in being a part of our At Home Volunteer Program, please complete the Volunteer Interest Form.

Bilingual volunteers are needed to help us communicate with our patients who speak other languages. If you have the gift of knowing two languages, you can participate in conference calls with our patients to help assure that information is accurately received and all of the patientís needs are being met.

Comfort Item Volunteer
These volunteers make comfort items for cancer patients to be distributed from the Cancer Action offices. Items made are bed pads, afghans, gowns, booties, trach bibs, comfort capstriangle and pull-through scarvesturbanspressure point and neck pillows, and hospital bed sheets. If you would like to make items at home, or with your service group, click on the item for a suggested pattern. Patterns for all items are also available by contacting Shirley Gibson, volunteer coordinator, at 913-642-8885.